Company Profile

LFOC USA INC. was established in November 1994, located in Xiqing Economic Development Zone, the origin of Yangliuqing New Year pictures and the hometown of huo Yuanjia, the patriotic martial artist "Jingwu Warrior" in late Qing Dynasty. It is one of the earliest national high-tech enterprises specializing in the research, development, production and sales of optical fiber and cable, copper cable and communication equipment products.

Company provide fiber optic and copper integrated wiring end-to-end solutions, covering for world communication industry and other industries, including utilities, transportation, safety, petrochemical industry, medical treatment, education, etc.) to provide various kinds of fiber optic cable product information transmission and other comprehensive system integration design and data center wiring, industrial interconnect cabling solution products and services. The main products of the company are all kinds of single, multi-mode indoor and external optical cables, flame retardant communication cables for coal mines, special photoelectric cables and optical fiber connectors, optical transceivers and other optical communication accessories products; Various data communication copper cable, module, panel, cabinet and other integrated wiring photoelectric communication products.

The company actively promotes industrial upgrading, adheres to the development of science and technology, and takes "eternal innovation, excellence pursuit" as the concept. The integrity commitment in the quality and service process, the strict implementation of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system requirements, firmly establish the concept of quality for survival, quality to promote development. Company's products through the national ministry of industry and national radio and television, national defense, guodian, AnBiao communication related industry such as certification, establish and improve the domestic and foreign parts perfect sales network system, long-term and stable services of China telecom, mobile, unicom, radio and television, electric power, national defense, mine, railway, highway, petrochemical, medical care, education and other fields. From the wet south to the cold north, from the desert in the northwest to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, from the national backbone network to the provincial and municipal metropolitan area network, our products throughout the country, has withstood a variety of long-term tests. The company adheres to independent innovation and development, strengthens scientific and technological research and development, vigorously develops key technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and constantly improves the competitiveness of core technologies and added value of products. The company has obtained more than 60 national authorized invention and utility model patents. The company attaches great importance to brand strategy and cultural construction, and takes it as an important basic work of the company to continue to deepen, to win the market with high-quality brand, and constantly expand the company's excellent culture. The company has established the historical and cultural heritage "Qi Zhen Tang" museum, to create a deep integration of modern manufacturing and history and culture, and constantly improve the company's industry awareness and brand value. Continue to strengthen maintenance "tianjin famous brand", "tianjin famous trademark", "tianjin science and technology" little giant enterprises, "tianjin strategic emerging industry leading enterprise", "optical fiber cable in China top ten brand", "contract trustworthiness enterprise", "China quality brand", "top quality suppliers", "the industry hundred strong customer satisfaction enterprise", "good faith serve in northern China Harmonious development of business enterprise ", "China electronics Industry AAA credit Enterprise", "Science and Technology Innovation and entrepreneurship advanced Enterprise", "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise", "National high-tech Enterprise" and other awards.

Company subsoil in the industry for many years, has the abundant technical reserve and extensive customer base, have the first mover advantage and in customers increasingly concentrated and industry development trend of increasing competition in the market, the company's leading technology, strong production capacity and stable customer group can make the company in the fierce market competition keep enough influence and appeal, Especially in the special industry chain high-end products to occupy a dominant position, we will firmly seize the "cloud computing", "big data", "Internet of Everything", "5G" and other new generation of information technology development opportunities, work hard, pioneering and innovative, to achieve high-quality development of the company. At the same time, we will rely on tianjin's foreign economic cooperation strategy and tianjin port's high-quality port resources to accelerate the pace of overseas market development and achieve accelerated improvement of the company's performance.

The enterprise culture

Mission: to create high-quality optical fiber and cable, and provide first-class interconnection solutions for global communications.

Policy: combination of daoshu, heart for this, innovation leading, quality winning.

Core values: Strive to be a company with love, soul and faith.

Organizational and human resources status

The company has wuhan photoelectric equipment factory and 7 branches in Beijing, Wuhan, Jinan, Guizhou, Xi 'an, Chengdu and Kunming. The headquarters has nine departments, including business Management Department, Marketing Department, technology Department, Production department, Equipment Department, Quality control Department, purchasing Department, Finance department and human Resources Department. The technology department is the technology research and development department of our company, responsible for product research and development, quality assurance and ISO production until and control.

The company has a first-class professional team of photoelectric industry in China, with a total of 308 employees, 95% of whom have graduated from college or above. The company has 6 senior managers (vice president or above), all of whom graduated from university and have worked for 21 years on average. They are the core leadership of the company. There are 8 production management and operation management staff, 108 technical staff at all levels, 66 sales staff and 120 administrative support staff.